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Coffee with Kramedog: Ep. 1 - Joey Kramer Meets Governor Baker

Our fearless leader, Joey Kramer - Aerosmith drummer-turned Coffee entrepreneur - is personally and passionately involved in his Rockin' & Roastin' Organic Coffee brand. So, that means he beats feet like the rest of them.

He turned out to the New England Food Show to promote his delicious coffee and had the opportunity to meet another well-known gentleman, Massachusetts Governor, Charlie Baker! Turns out they're fans of each other. 

Check out Episode 1 of Coffee with Kramedog and stay tuned for more regular updates from Joey!




"That was really cool because, you know, here I am doing what I'm doing, OK, but he's the governor, the gov. And he's a big fan. And he's a really good guy, by the way. And he walked right up to me and he goes, Joey, 1982, Providence, Rhode Island, I was 17 years old and I was in the front row. And he took out a picture and he showed me. It was great to know that there were guys like that that are doing what he does but they're that aware of what I'm doing."

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Joey Kramer is as passionate about his coffee as he is his music. 

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