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Notes from the Road: Blue Army Tour‎ - Evansville, IN

Man, in all the years, I must say last night was one of my favorite shows yet.

We played our "Blue Army Tour" concert in Evansville, IN, ‎and the guys had something very special planned for me.

After Steven joined me on the drums for a quick set, I took over and continued as a solo act. Just when I thought I had a breather, I hear Steven yell, "JOEY, WAIT A MINUTE!" and out he walks with a massive personalized birthday cake.

Let me tell you, having a crowd that passionate (and of that size!) serenade you‎ with "Happy Birthday" is one of the greatest gifts I've ever received.

To show my gratitude, there was only one thing left for me to do...but I'll let you see the whole thing for yourself here:

To my Aerosmith brothers and the Evansville crowd: THANK YOU for rockin' out my birthday with me!

Until next time...

Rock On, Roast On.


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