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And so you’ve arrived at my new blog (and website)…WELCOME.

It’s been quite a whirlwind year thus far, touring the world with Aerosmith and, of course, getting my coffee beans in a row. As you may have heard, I’m taking Rockin’ & Roastin’ to the shelves of grocers, retailers and wholesalers across the country so the days of only being able to get your caffeine fix through my website are numbered.

Through my new partnership with Comfort Foods, I’m bringing my coffee to the masses. They’ll be roasting, packing and distributing my three brews and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for these magic beans.

Now back to the website… Here’s a recap of what is new (and improved):

  • HOME: A rockin' new look that also is easier to navigate (I can’t have my coffee faithful searching for answers)
  • WHO'S ROASTIN': A new ‘love note’ from the man behind the coffee (AKA, moi)
  • WHAT'S ROASTIN': Updated information and details on our improved brews from Ethiopia, Guatemala and Sumatra (good things come in threes)
  • ROCKIN' PRODUCTS: Coffee, gear & swag (stay tuned for new additions)
  • JOEY'S CAFE: A blog on all things coffee and Rock & Roll, penned by yours truly (check back often for updates)
  • EVENTS: A schedule of my upcoming Rockin’ & Roastin’ appearances in stores and in cities (this will be coming soon but in the meantime, you can track “Where in the World is Aerosmith” if you’d like)

What’s more? Well, this:

  • New pricing structure that is beneficial to both individual customers and vendors making bulk purchases (who doesn’t love saving on a good cup of joe?)
  • Easy-to-place online orders and a recognition system for returning individuals and vendors (because sometimes we need our coffee…now)
  • The soon-to-launch “Coffee of the Month Club” (automatic shipments of coffee at your – or, if you’re feeling kind, your favorite fellow java enthusiast’s – doorstep)

So there you have it! I’m Rockin’ & Roastin’ my days away, and Rockin’ & Rollin’ my nights away. Not a bad life, I suppose… Sips up.

Joey Kramer

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Joey Kramer is as passionate about his coffee as he is his music. 

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