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PHOTOS: Back to School at Massasoit Community College

On Friday, I continued my Rockin’ & Roastin’ “tour” in New England by visiting Massasoit Community College’s Brockton, MA, campus. Their awesome kitchen team is busy brewing my Rockin’ & Roastin’ every day in the cafeterias so the students stay on their scholastic A-game!

We visited the Student Center and were met by a great group of college-goers who were ready for “coffee talk.” I spent an hour chatting them up, taking photos and signing some really great memorabilia including a vintage Aerosmith record and an electric guitar.

I always love seeing this age group so excited about the music and the coffee, my two greatest passions:


Shout out to Tina, part of Massasoit’s kitchen team!


A Rockin’ & Roastin’-themed selfie:


And at 6’7” stands this fellow…




A quick coffee fix…


And signing off with a picture with Massasoit’s finest!


Rock On, Roast On.


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Joey Kramer is as passionate about his coffee as he is his music. 

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