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PHOTOS: My Day in Pennsylvania at GIANT Food Stores

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I had a great weekend Rockin’ & Roastin’ with my friends in Pennsylvania!

Rockin’ & Roastin’ at the Super Bowl

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It’s that time of year: Super Bowl Sunday!!!

Aerosmith’s Joey Kramer Fuels the Stars at the GRAMMY Awards® in February

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Rockin’ & Roastin’ organic coffee line lands in gift bags at 57th annual awards show

IGA Welcomes Joey Kramer’s Rockin’ & Roastin’ Coffee to the IGA Red Oval Family

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CHICAGO, IL (January 20, 2015) – IGA today announced Rockin’ & Roastin’, the organic coffee line founded in 2012 by legendary Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer, is the Independent Grocers Alliance’s (IGA) newest Red Oval family partner, an alliance of the industry’s premier food manufactures, service providers and associations, who partner with IGA to provide extensive resources that are unavailable to other independent grocery retailers.

Rockin’ & Roastin’s organic, custom-roasted Arabica coffee is cultivated through the “shade grown” technique under canopies of indigenous trees. This sustainable harvesting approach not only yields chemical-free coffee beans, but also provides food and shelter to the surrounding wildlife.

Kramer partners with North Andover-Mass.-based-Comfort Foods to roast, package and distribute his trio of small-batch brews which represent the drummer’s favorite coffee-producing regions: a medium roast from Guatemala; a medium-dark roast from Ethiopia; and, a dark roast hailing from Sumatra. The brews are packaged in whole bean, ground and single-serve versions to satisfy any java enthusiast.

The coffee brand, which is in nearly 2,000 stores, is the official hot brewed coffee of The House of Blues nationwide. This spring, Kramer will open a North Attleborough, Mass.-based flagship coffee café, Joey Kramer’s Rockin’ & Roastin’ Café, which the company hopes will become a franchise.

Throughout the year, Red Oval Partners support IGA retailers and Licensed Distribution Centers in a number of ways. For manufacturing partners like Rockin’ and Roastin’, this includes helping to develop, fund and execute in-store and industry events, and providing category management insights that enable IGA retailers to make better and more informed merchandising decisions. In return, these partners are granted intimate access to IGA’s independent retailers, enabling them to develop lasting relationships that make them preferred vendors in IGA stores.

Through the IGA Red Oval partnership, IGA will work with Rockin’ & Roastin’ to introduce the line to IGA’s independent retailers and it’s wholesalers through Alliance-wide communication and events. Rockin’ & Roastin’ will first be introduced to the Alliance and the industry as an IGA Red Oval partner at the annual NGA convention in Las Vegas, The NGA Show, in February when the coffee is served at the IGA booth on the tradeshow floor. Then in March at the IGA Global Rally in Orlando, Rockin’ & Roastin’ will host a morning breakfast before the start of the IGA Business Session.

“We are extremely pleased to welcome Rockin’ & Roastin’ to our IGA Red Oval Family and are excited about the upcoming events that will give our IGA retailers and the rest of the industry the opportunity to see—and taste—the benefit of this unique partnership. We look forward to a long future with this rapidly expanding company,” IGA Sr. Vice President Retail & Business Development Doug Fritsch said.

“It’s such a privilege and honor to become a Red Oval partner with IGA,” said Joey Kramer, Founder & Chairman of Rockin’ & Roastin’. “Independent grocers have a real entrepreneurial spirit and that was exactly how Rockin’ & Roastin’ was born. I’m looking forward to great things working with the IGA partners both domestically and internationally in 2015, and well beyond. Rock on, roast on.”

Rockin' & Roastin' with Wachusett Mountain

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It’s official: ski season has arrived in New England. The slopes of Wachusett Mountain are located in Princeton, MA, and it has 22 trails serviced by seven ski-lifts, including three high-speed chairlifts, three kid-friendly “magic carpet lifts” and one triple chairlift.

Rockin' & Roastin' with Sunday River Brew Pub

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Happy New Year! Almost a year ago, I announced that we were partnering with one of my favorite restaurants in Bethel, ME: Black Diamond Steakhouse. My latest announcement now comes to you from Sunday River Brew Pub, a sister restaurant and brewery that also is owned by the Savage family.

Joey Kramer to Get Rockin’ & Roastin’ at GIANT Food Stores in PA - 1/24/15

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Aerosmith drummer to make appearances at store locations in Enola & Harrisburg, PA

Aerosmith Drummer to Debut First Joey Kramer’s Rockin’ & Roastin’ Café

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Joey Kramer announces first coffeehouse in N. Attleborough, MA

Single-Serve Cups are Rockin’ & Roastin’ at Donelan's Supermarkets

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We’ve been Rockin’ & Roastin’ with Donelan’s Supermarkets in Massachusetts since last August and I have good news for my java-loving friends who need to get their coffee fix on the fly: Donelan’s Supermarkets soon will be stocking my single-serve cups in all three flavors. People, start your coffee makers.

Joey Kramer Gets Rockin’ & Roastin’ with Rooster’s Roadhouse (Bethel, ME)

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Aerosmith’s Joey Kramer serves up organic coffee in Bethel, ME


Joey Kramer is as passionate about his coffee as he is his music. 

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